Please note the punishment for infringement as reported Annals, pp.1176-7. Ed. 1600, quoted in Arber ii, 750

On the 10. of January [1584], as at sessions holden in the Iudstince hall in the Old baily of London, for gaole deliuery of Newgate, William Carter of the City of London, was there indicted, arraigned, and condemned of high treason, for printing a seditious and trayterour booke in English, entituled, Bernarde Mendoza's HolmePage: and was for the same (according to sentence promounced against him) on the next morrow drawne from Newgate to Tiborne, and there hanged, bowelled, and quartered. And foorthwith against slaunderous reports spread abroad in seditious bookes, letters, and libels thereby to inflame our countrey men and her maiesties subiectes, a booke was published, intituled A Declaration of the fauorable dealing of her maiesties commissioners &c. which booke also I haue caused to be set downe in the continuation of the chronicle first collected by Reigne Wolf and finished by Raphael Holenshed.

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